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SEO “Getting down to brass tacks”

So far we have talked about various aspects of SEO, but have yet to get down to the brass tacks of what it is.

My description of SEO…


” SEO is primarily internet marketing with additional tweaking to achieve search engine ranking”


“SEO is simply marketing common sense!”

So what exactly do I mean by this?

If there were no search engines how would you go about marketing your website online? You would definitely 
optimize your website
page with great content, sales copy, proper headings, graphics, site navigation and so on. When looking to obtain customers you would most certainly seek out resources where your target market congregates and in many cases try and place a link on these resources.

Therefore we do all of the above for SEO also. The only difference is that we tweak our website pages, optimize our inbound links and place links on sites so that all helps to obtain better rankings.

In some cases we may chose to place an inbound link on one themed resource over another due to SEO however in doing so we still obtain targeted traffic no matter which resource we pick. Therefore the ‘marketing‘ outcome of the equation stays the same if there were no search engines.

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Brandon Forbes/Online business consultant/Brandon Forbes/web Identity

The way business is established online is through web-design, SEO, networking, and social media. Now you can go beyond this but this is what you need bare minimum. Now the issue with that is that you have to outsource to a SEO, outsource to a web guy, then outsource to someone else for your social media and networking. Now the problem with this is you as the business owner are now paying a crap load to outsource to multiple people/companies. Pro-Insites and their team of professionals have now brought all of that under one umbrella, and they do it all for LESS THAN YOU WOULD PAY A MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEE!!! Now this is an amazing tool especially for any kind of a start up company. So contact Pro-Insites and see how the can help you establish your business online as well as putting more money in your pocket


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