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Common Sense SEO

So let’ talk a little more about common sense.

Search engines use algorithms and algorithmic principles (rules) to decide how websites are ranked. Now many people think that the experts at the search engines walk around in white coats making rules and mathematical theories that no one could ever possible fathom. This is very incorrect.

Looking at algorithms as an indecipherable foreign language is a common misconception. To a very large extent nearly all algorithms are based on general or basic marketing principles and can be used to boost novel and relevant traffic to your site.

What happens if you walk into a very untidy shop, the shelves are cluttered and messy, prices cannot be found, the person at the front counter is having a cigarette? How long would you last in there? Would you buy anything? Assuredly not…

Search engines view websites exactly the same.

This holds true for inbound links. If you were in a fast food chicken shop and they had some type of advertising for lounge settings, would you find that odd? I would. Do think the store selling lounge settings would get many referrals from the shop? I certainly doubt it.

In the above instance, when we see outbound links on websites that have nothing to with the theme of the website, it is just as odd. The search engines know that the link is there only for SEO as they certainly aren’t going to get any referrals.

Walk into the same fast food chicken shop, then visit ten others and they all have advertising for the best ‘wholesale chicken store’. Would this be more appropriate? Do think the ‘wholesale chicken store’ may get some referrals? Do think it is worthwhile for the ‘wholesale chicken store’ to be advertising in such places. Absolutely, and the odds of having relevant referrals as a result are increased exponentially.

Search engines think the same things, what works offline as a marketing strategy can be applied to online marketing; the only difference is paradigm we operate within. The very same marketing practices that are taken on board with search engine rules and algorithms. This is why, if you do your marketing and SEO with common sense you can’t go wrong. At Pro-Insites we take this common sense organic approach to SEO. When you partner with us to boost your SEO and develop your company’s online presence, you can be assured that we develop tangible results, by using sound, tried and true, marketing strategies.

(In our next installment we will discuss using blogs and backing linking to bolster your online presence and increase your ratings)

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