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How Long Before I See Some SEO Results?

A great question and as we say in Italy… “Con niente non si fa niente” ; with loosely translated means; ‘ with nothing , you can do nothing. This is incredibly relevant to SEO and life in general. As I will discuss in this important SEO release; quality SEO takes some time and most importantly consistency.

How long it takes to get ranking on your site depends on quite a number of factors.

• How long your site has been online for

• How many incoming links you already have

• Where the above links are placed

• How competitive your keywords or market is

• How well you optimize your pages

• The amount of time you spend on SEO

• Your current marketing budget and the % given to SEO

New Websites

Typically if your site is brand new and you are willing to spend a minimum of 8 to 10 hours work per week on SEO. Even using such a small budget of few hundred dollars, we can start to see some good results within two to three months. Of course if time is of the essence and with less restrictive budgetary constraints, we can up the hours spent on your site. The more time we spend the more we can expect definitive changes after as soon as one month.

What’s different about my approach to SEO? Let us start off with the most important aspect of my arsenal; consistency. Only with consistency can we also achieve my secondary directive; up to date solid techniques. By keeping my SEO strategy in line with the dominant powerhouse search engines (primarily Google™, Yahoo, ™ MSN™) you end up with results that will stand the test of time. There are a lot of gimmicks out there promising SEO rankings in a few days, these lessons in futility don’t last and may hurt your ranking in the long run. With new Google™ algorithms adapting to “SEO trickery” they are now punishing accordingly (severe rank cutting / blacklisting). Don’t make this common mistake and throw your money away, ending up with a lower ranking than you started and less novel traffic to your site.

It’s also important to give SEO the precedence it deserves in the fiscal planning of your company. If you have a small budget to work with there will of course be a trade off in terms of hours working on SEO, which means longer wait time on results.

Established Websites

If your site is established to some degree, hopefully you will be indexed already on the major search engines, obtained some inbound links and done some preliminary marketing.

This puts you in good stead to move forward a little faster in the rankings stakes. Although once again being dependent on chosen keywords, you should start to see upward movement of rankings within just a few weeks.

This does not mean that you will reach first place within this period but it does give some estimate to how long ranking may take for given keywords and phrases.

Alessandro Colangeli

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